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Breeding female Siberian Cat at Siberian Cats of CT


Breeding female Siberian Cat at Siberian Cats of CT


Siberian Cats of CT is located in Stamford Connecticut and convenient to residents of N Y, N J, CT & MA. Our females, Felisha and Galatea came from the renowned cattery Hakuna Matata in Russia and are registered with TICA

Purebred Siberians are favored by people with cat allergies. Siberian cats are known to cause less or no allergic reaction to cat hair (fur) or dander and are referred to as hypoallergenic.  Allergens primarily come from a cat’s dander (dead skin) and saliva residue which is deposited onto dander as the cat grooms itself.

We charge $1600.00 a kitten with regular colors and $1800.00 a kitten for Neva Masquerade, and require a $300.00 nonrefundable deposit.

Kittens are raised in our home and handled with loving care to insure that they are well socialized. Our kittens are sent home after a complete veterinary check including their initial vaccinations.

Please contact us for inquiries!